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        After-sales sales: 186-0617-0606 (Manager LI)

        Reservation service: Customers can make an appointment 48 hours in advance. Customers should clearly describe the reason of arrival to the reserved personnel, and make an appointment for telephone receivers to prepare maintenance personnel and spare parts in advance.

        Customer reception: When customers come to service points or star service stations, staff will provide you with detailed consultation services, and for you to establish and query vehicle maintenance files.

        Diagnosis dispatch order: the staff listen patiently, carefully inquire about the status of the user's vehicle, and judge the fault of the vehicle through special testing equipment and other tools. After obtaining the user's opinion, dispatch order is sent to the maintenance technician for repair.

        Maintenance and Maintenance: Professionally trained maintenance technicians will use advanced special maintenance equipment to test the vehicle and provide safe, reliable and fast maintenance services in strict accordance with the company's maintenance standards.

        Debugging and Inspection: After the vehicle has been repaired, it should be carefully inspected and tested by professional quality inspectors to ensure that the maintenance quality and vehicle performance are fully qualified.

        Vehicle cleaning: After passing the inspection by the quality inspectors, the designated personnel will clean the vehicle to ensure that your vehicle is as bright as new after servicing.

        Check-in: When checking out, the owner will receive a clear maintenance list, and the staff will elaborate on the maintenance content, cost and replacement spare parts.

        Customer farewell: After you have completed all the procedures, the staff will take the initiative to send you.

        Tracking service: After vehicle maintenance, the staff will call you back by short message to understand the use of the vehicle and the satisfaction of the service.


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